We're on a mission to reinvent the cold-chain

Refrigerants are among the most potent GHGs.

Global cooling accounts for 7% of total emissions, and is expected to almost double by 20301. Then for food, it gets even worse - almost 15% of food-related emissions come from poor refrigeration and spoilage in transit from farm to market2. Our intent is to help minimize emissions and spoilage for both medical and agricultural goods.

1 University of Birmingham
2 United Nations

We believe access to the cold chain is a fundamental right.

Whether your vaccines or your vegetables, we aim to increase access to cold-storage products in rural, international, and underserved communities to address the global cold chain gap. Only 50% of vaccines make it into a patient's arm1, in large part due to poor temperature management. And with food, the picture is even bleaker: 475 million tons of food are lost each year due to improper refrigeration. That's food for an additional 950 million mouths each year (International Institute for Refrigeration).

1 World Health Organization

Guiding principles


Addressing climate change by replacing refrigerants and reducing food spoilage.


Offering more economical, higher precision, and minimal emissions cold-chain solutions.


Increasing access to cold-chain solutions across communities worldwide.

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