Agriculture Solutions

Smart and sustainable food shipping

Rediscover the full potential of your cold chain with reusable, smart, and durable shipping containers

Modular shipping with any mode of transport

Our containers are stackable, palatable, and ready for use in planes, trains, trucks, or ships. Customize the precise temperature of each good you need to send - enabling the transport pf multiple product temperatures in one cargo space

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Data tracking is simple

Our secure app allows you to track your products' performance, build custom reports, and manage your inventory throughout its lifecycle

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Prevent produce spoilage and cut emissions

Save costs and cut out emissions in the process by switching from reefers to regular (or electric) trucks.

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Tech Specs

Cooling Device

Battery-powered cooling, which provides a refrigerant-free and lightweight alternative to the current gel packs, dry ice, and H2O ice


15 Liters - 330 x 230 x 200mm

Time to Cool

-5°C in 10 minutes

Cooling Time

Cool (14°C) for 96 hours
Refrigerated (2°C) for 72 hours
Frozen (-5°C) for 48 hours

Temperature Stability

+/- 1°C


25 lbs (11.3 kg)

Battery Size

99 Wh - our devices can be safely shipped on any ground, water, or airline transportation systems

Charge Time

Charge to full in 6 hours


Live LCD display of Box Contents, Temperature, Location, and Environmental data


Thermostat, Global Position (location), Humidity, Bluetooth/Wifi, and an Accelerometer. The data logger shares in real time or at customizable intervals


42 units can be easily stacked on a pallet (US or EU) - 7 layers of 6 units (13% reduction from status quo)

Data and Reporting

Accessible inventories, data logs, excursions, and compliance

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