Medical Solutions

Precision blood shipping

Simplify your cold chain to prevent excursions and increase transparency

Excursion-free, active cooling technology

Our battery-powered device will verify that your blood gets to the lab without excursions and without the need for specialized equipment, reefers, or other labor-intensive means

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Data reporting is simple

Our secure app allows you to track your products' performance, build custom reports, and manage your inventory throughout its lifecycle

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Shipping made easy

Use any shipping provider with our ready-to-ship containers. Our devices are durable enough for every day shipping and don’t require any single-use external packaging. Simply insert your vial and ship via whatever carrier is easiest for you.

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Tech Specs

Cooling Device

Battery-powered cooling, which provides a refrigerant-free and lightweight alternative to the current gel packs, dry ice, and H2O ice


1 vial up to 100mm in height

Time to Cool

-5°C in 20 minutes with a room temperature vial

Cooling Time

Refrigerated (5°C) for 56 hours

Temperature Stability

+/- 3°C


8 lbs (3.6 kg)

Battery Size

72 Wh - our devices can be safely shipped on any ground, water, or airline transportation systems

Charge Time

Charge from empty to full in 7 hours


Thermistors, Global Position (location), Humidity, Bluetooth/Wifi, and an Accelerometer. The data logger shares in real-time or at customizable intervals

Data and Reporting

Accessible inventories, data logs, excursions, and compliance

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