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A fresh take on cold shipping

Temperature-controlled transportation that combines reliability and quality, all while prioritizing our planet's well-being.

When it comes to shipping life's essentials, every degree counts.

At Artyc, we understand the crucial role temperature plays in maintaining the quality and integrity of your cargo. That's why we've created a reliable, eco-friendly shipping solution to maintain your goods are always at the perfect temperature.

Deliver quality, every time

Ship with confidence knowing your medical goods arrive in perfect condition.

Precise temperature control

Active cooling system provides temperature stability within 3°C during transit.

Rapid cooling and recharging

Achieve 5°C in 20 minutes and rapidly recharge.

Insightful data tracking

Embedded sensors maintain optimal conditions during every step of transit.

Keep your cool

Access your shipment's data all in one place through our easy-to-use dashboard.
Dashboard mockup

Real-time data and tracking

Access shipment temperature, location, and device data anytime.

Custom reporting and notifications

Tailored reports, inventory management, and excursion event alerts.

Analytics and optimization

Harness data insights to streamline shipping and minimize emissions.

Protect the planet

Eliminate the need for single-use materials while maximizing cost savings.

Reduced waste

Reusable containers cut single-use packaging and environmental impact.

Lower emissions

Seamlessly integrate with greener transport for a reduced carbon footprint.

Circular economy

Shared resources in dense regions boost revenue and minimize warehouse costs.

Tailored solutions to industry needs

Discover how Artyc's technology has the potential to transform the way industries use cold shipping.

Medstow Micro
Providing safe and reliable transportation for patient samples and life-saving medications.
Available now
Medstow 4L
Preserving the quality of essential biologics during transit.
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Terrastow 25L
Assuring temperature stability for your specialty foods during delivery.
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Happy customers, happy planet

"Artyc's innovative cold shipping solutions have transformed the way we transport our products. The seamless integration of their hardware and software ensures our shipments arrive in perfect condition.

Jessica S.
MedLife Pharmaceuticals

"We've been using Artyc's containers for our clinical trials, and they have exceeded our expectations. Their advanced cooling technology and user-friendly software have made a significant difference.

Martin G.
BioGenix Labs

"Switching to Artyc was one of the best decisions we've made for our company. Their commitment to sustainability and exceptional performance has helped us lower our carbon footprint.”

Emily C.
AgriTech Solutions

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