Media Kit

All you need to tell our story, in one easy-to-navigate place.

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the basics

Our logos

Here you'll find a variety of our high-resolution logos. We've got them in different formats and colors so you can choose what fits best with your story. Please remember to keep them clear and unaltered when you use them.

PNG / Wordmark / Blue
PNG / Wordmark / Blue 2
PNG / Wordmark / Black
PNG / Wordmark / White
in the wild

Product photography

Browse through our collection of high-quality images showcasing our devices. Use these images to visually enhance your piece, but please refrain from altering them.


Software screenshots

Want to give your audience a peek at our software? Here you'll find high-resolution screenshots of our user-friendly interface and its features.

Meet the team

Leadership portraits

Get to know our leaders. These photos should give your story a more personal touch. We ask that you don't edit these images beyond basic resizing and cropping.