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Artyc's Reflections from BIO 2024

The BIO International Convention is a flagship conference in the biotech industry. At the event, our team had the chance to share our shippers, and learn from the collective expertise of the participants.
Written by
Max Reintertsen
Published on
July 27, 2023

We recently had the opportunity to attend this year’s BIO International Convention, one of the largest gatherings of biotech leaders worldwide. With roughly 20,000 industry professionals from around the globe, BIO2024 was the perfect venue to connect, innovate, and drive the future of biotech. At Artyc, our goal is making a contribution to these efforts through modernizing the cold chain and improving temperature-controlled shipping. From countless conversations with industry leaders to seeing the depth of interest in our Medstow 4L, these were our top 3 highlights from the event.

Reusability is Resonating

With every conference attended, we continue to see a significant increase in interest from companies looking to shift from single-use to reusable shippers. At BIO2024 in particular, that resonance with reusability was very easy to observe. Over the course of four days, a strong preference for sustainable solutions was something that continued to come up in our discussions with various stakeholders. The move towards reusability not only promises cost savings but also aligns with broader environmental goals, making it a compelling choice for many in the biotech sector.

Direct-to-Patient is Front of Mind

Another takeaway from the convention was the rising importance of direct-to-patient logistics. Over the last two years, we’ve seen a notable trend toward getting products directly to patients and retrieving samples from them, regardless of their location. At its core, this shift is driven by the need for more accessible healthcare solutions. During one of our meetings, a customer shared that, according to their survey, 30 percent of respondents hadn’t had a diagnostic test performed in the last 10 years.

At Artyc, we’re committed to changing this scenario. Our vision is to enable customers to send products to their patients and collect samples using the same shipper, enhancing the patient experience and efficiency of medical logistics.

In the Age of AI, Everyone Wants Data

During the conference, we had meetings with some of the largest bio, medical, and logistics providers in the world. Nearly all recognized the importance of data generation and embedding track & trace capabilities directly into packaging. We also saw many AI companies throughout the show, and are excited about being able to work with them to fill cold chain data gaps. Specifically, the integration of AI can facilitate enhanced reporting, lane validation, real-time event monitoring, and precise product tracking, all of which are essential for safeguarding valuable medical products throughout their journey. In addition, many of our discussions touched upon the evolving landscape of lab-developed tests, which are now classified as medical devices. For us, it underscored the ongoing industry shift toward more sophisticated regulatory frameworks and deeper technological adoption.


Attending BIO2024 was an enriching experience for Artyc, offering us the chance to engage with industry leaders, share our innovations, and gain insights into the future of biotech and cold chain logistics. The enthusiasm for reusability, the shift toward direct-to-patient solutions, and the high level of engagement we encountered are all indicators of a dynamic and evolving industry.

We’re excited to continue our journey of modernizing the cold chain and making temperature-controlled transportation more efficient and accessible.

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