Field Notes
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Devices on Duty: Testing Our Thermal Packaging at JIFX

Recently, we had the unique opportunity to field test our Medstow Micro in partnership with the Joint Interagency Field Exploration (JIFX) program near Camp Roberts.
Written by
Max Reintertsen
Published on
July 27, 2023
JIFX and Its Mission

Before we dive into the experiment details, a bit of background on JIFX. The JIFX team is committed to pioneering experimental approaches that foster rapid technological advancement. Through their quarterly collaborative field events, they bridge the gap between stakeholders from the Department of Defense, U.S. government, academia, private enterprises, and more. The aim is to identify and expedite technology development addressing national and collective security challenges. Their focus on enabling real-world testing environments resonates with our core belief in real-time product validation.

Setting the Scene

Our devices were strategically placed outside in two distinct environments. Exposed to the outdoor elements, including humidity and temperature fluctuations typical of Californian terrain, we encouraged JIFX participants to stress test the device, be it through kicking dirt or any other means they saw fit. This might sound challenging, but for us, it was an opportunity – a chance to see how our device would perform under intense, real-world conditions. Over the course of ~40 hours, we collected data on the device’s internal temperature, battery life, and power usage to monitor how ambient fluctuations and conditions affected the performance.

Analyzing the Data
  • Adaptive Temperature Management: The data highlights the adaptive temperature management capabilities of our devices. Throughout the day, as ambient temperatures rose and fell, the internal temperature of both units remained remarkably stable. This consistency is essential for our customers who depend on our cold chain solutions to protect sensitive products — from pharmaceuticals to perishable foods — against the volatility of external conditions.
  • Intelligent Energy Use and Performance: The power output fluctuations observed in the graphs are particularly telling. They illustrate an intelligent energy management system at work, one that adjusts power output in response to ambient temperature changes. During periods of higher external temperatures, the units slightly increased power output to maintain internal coolness, an indication of our systems’ responsive design that utilizes energy as efficiently as possible.
  • Correlation between Ambient Changes and Power Efficiency: The correlation between ambient temperature changes and power output showcases the units' efficiency. Even as external temperatures peaked, the increase in power output was minimal, ensuring that the state of charge was preserved. This efficiency means our devices can operate longer in the field, providing reliable cooling without the need for frequent recharging — a critical feature for long-haul logistics.

Key Takeaways
  • Resilience Under Pressure: The Medstow Micro withstood a demanding array of environmental stressors, demonstrating exceptional durability. Its performance from the sweltering midday heat (43°C) to the cooler nighttime temperatures (8°C) affirms our commitment to reliability in any condition.
  • Adaptive Efficiency: The device displayed remarkable adaptability, fine-tuning its power output to maintain optimal internal conditions. This energy-efficient operation is crucial in peak heat, ensuring the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Field tests like these are invaluable, providing rich data that inform our iterative design process. Every challenge we encounter is an opportunity to innovate, enhancing the functionality and reliability of our products for an uncompromised cold chain solution.
In Conclusion

While our experiment with JIFX doesn't indicate an official alignment with the DoD or similar entities, the experience was invaluable. It reiterated our commitment to product testing, performance, and innovation. At Artyc, our journey doesn't end with creating a product. We continuously strive to refine and improve our offerings to be nothing short of the best.

Discover more about the resilient Medstow Micro. Contact us to explore how Artyc can elevate your cold chain logistics.

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