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Fall Retreat 2023: Creating a Shared Vision

Get a glimpse inside Artyc's latest retreat - a blend of team-building, strategic planning, and leisure time.
Written by
Max Reintertsen
Published on
July 27, 2023

‘What's it like working at Artyc?’ is a question we often encounter, and what better way to answer than to give you a glimpse into our most recent retreat in Carmel Valley. More than a team-building exercise, this retreat was an opportunity to explore ways to strengthen our culture, actionalize our values, and create our vision for the future.

Embodying Artyc's Values

Three values serve as the compass guiding our actions and decisions:

  • Connect Authentically: We foster a culture where authenticity is at the forefront. This means creating a workspace where honest conversations, open-mindedness, and mutual trust are the norm. Our retreat was a vibrant display of this, with team members engaging in heartfelt discussions, sharing experiences, and building deeper bonds. This value underpins how we collaborate, ensuring that everyone feels heard and appreciated.
  • Continually Evolve: Embracing change and growth is central to our ethos. At the retreat, we not only celebrated our achievements but also embraced the lessons learned along the way. Workshops focused on personal and professional development, emphasizing our commitment to continual improvement. This mindset keeps us agile and forward-thinking, ready to adapt and excel in a rapidly evolving industry.
  • Realize Change: We believe in turning our aspirations into concrete actions, especially when it comes to making a positive impact. The retreat included brainstorming sessions on sustainable product innovations and community initiatives, reflecting our dedication to driving real change. It's about more than just business success; it's about contributing meaningfully to society and the environment.
Values in Action

Our retreat's workshops were a true reflection of Artyc's innovative spirit:

  • Crafting our Employee Value Proposition: A creative brainstorm where every idea was valued, this workshop epitomized our supportive culture and commitment to inclusive growth.
  • Product Design with Purpose: Discussions went beyond mere design, diving into how our values shape our products, underscoring our focus on user-centric and sustainable solutions.
  • Communication as a Cornerstone: We explored effective ways to enhance internal communication, valuing diverse perspectives to strengthen our collaborative spirit.
  • Goals Aligned with Growth: Aligning personal ambitions with Artyc’s vision, this session was about setting individual and collective targets that foster both professional and personal development.
  • Strategy with Creativity: A dynamic discussion about approaching commercial challenges creatively, embodying our culture of open dialogue and adaptive strategies.
The Power of Unscripted Time

The retreat's most memorable moments came unplanned. Whether it was sharing stories over dinner, engaging in archery, or simply making s'mores under the stars, these informal gatherings were where bonds were strengthened and where our team felt most at home.

Reflecting and Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the Carmel Valley retreat, it stands out as a significant milestone in Artyc’s journey—a testament to our vibrant culture where collaboration, innovation, and authentic work are not just ideals, but everyday realities.

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