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From Insights to Action: Artyc's Takeaways from SCOPE 2024

Explore our insights from the SCOPE Summit on the future of clinical trials.
Written by
Max Reintertsen
Published on
July 27, 2023

Earlier this month, Artyc attended the SCOPE Summit in Orlando, Florida — a flagship conference for clinical trial innovation. This event comes at a time when the landscape of clinical trials is rapidly evolving, driven by technological advancements, regulatory changes, and a renewed focus on sustainability and efficiency. We explored these changes, gathering insights from leading experts and practitioners, and returned with valuable insights and ideas for the future. In this post, we'll discuss our main takeaways and how Artyc is leading changes in clinical trials.

Key Takeaways
Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) Are Here to Stay

Despite a decrease from their peak in 2021 and 2022, DCTs have proven their value by offering flexibility, increasing patient access, and enhancing engagement. A notable study highlighted that 90% of participants would not travel more than 1 hour for a clinical trial, underscoring a significant access barrier that DCTs can address.

While DCTs introduce increased logistical and regulatory complexities, their benefits are undeniable. They significantly speed up enrollment, ensure diverse patient recruitment, improve retention, and open avenues for reducing emissions. However, it's crucial to approach DCTs with a strategy that ensures they're "fit for purpose," tailoring their application to the needs of each study.

If you’re looking to run a fully decentralized trial, reach out to see if Artyc we can help you increase your direct-to-patient offerings.

Direct-to-Patient Shipments Remain a Challenge

Across the board, from sponsors to labs, the industry grapples with the logistics of direct-to-patient shipments. Issues range from the hazardous nature of dry ice to packaging complexities and reliance on patients' adherence to instructions. For example, a Large Multinational Lab highlighted difficulties in patients returning samples due to dry ice challenges, pointing to a need for innovative solutions in sample collection and shipment.

Artyc is creating solutions to streamline these processes. Our collaboration with Tasso is an example of our commitment to simplifying sample collection and improving the patient experience. Read more here.

Sustainability as a Strategic Imperative

Sustainability should be viewed not just as an environmental goal but as a pathway to operational efficiency and cost reduction. Discussions revealed that sustainability efforts, when strategically implemented, could be cost-neutral or even reduce expenses. For instance, a shift from site and patient travel to support device shipping has potential for cost savings, with one company reporting that a 5% waste reduction could equal $15 million in savings.

Artyc integrates environmentally responsible practices that not only reduce waste but also align with our customers' goals for efficiency and cost savings. Learn about Artyc's commitment to sustainability and how we're making clinical trials more eco-friendly and how we can help you exceed your company targets.

In Summary

As we navigate the evolving landscape of clinical trials, these insights underscore the importance of adaptability, patient-centric approaches, and sustainability. By embracing decentralized trials, refining direct-to-patient logistics, and integrating sustainability into our core strategies, we can drive efficiency, reduce costs, and, most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

Learn how we're making decentralized clinical trials more accessible and efficient. Reach out to set up a conversation with our team to get started.

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