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Medstow Mini

Precision vial shipping.


Effortless, efficient, tailored for pharma

Preserving Quality

With the Medstow Mini's temperature stability, you can trust in the integrity of your blood samples, no matter the distance or duration of transit.

Simplifying Shipping

With its robust design and ready-to-ship format, the Medstow Mini ensures safe, efficient, and hassle-free transportation of your samples.

Driving Insights

Our user friendly web app provides comprehensive device performance reports and aids in maintaining compliance, making operations easy.


Intelligence meets practicality

The Medstow Mini offers advanced features tailored specifically for the evolving needs of pharmaceuticals.

7 hour

Charge time


Temperature stability

56+ hour

Battery life

1-4 vials



Better visibility at every step

Bringing hardware and software together allows us to take the guesswork out of shipping, giving you a simpler, smarter cold chain experience.

Real-time monitoring

Embedded IoT sensors provide instant, precise temperature readings for unmatched control over your cargo's conditions.

Data-driven transparency

Our platform captures and analyzes data in real-time, offering unparalleled transparency into your supply chain operations.

Sustainable solutions

Our software not only monitors conditions but also estimates emissions savings, advocating sustainable logistics practices.

Switching to the Medstow Mini for our blood sample logistics was a game-changer. We can now ship with confidence.

John Smith

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