Medstow Micro

Small in size, big on impact

Engineered to reduce waste without sacrificing performance, its smart sensors provide logistics intelligence and consistent temperature management within 3°C
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Designed for precision, built for reliability

Compact power in your hands.

Preserve quality
With the Medstow Micro's temperature stability, you can trust in the integrity of your blood samples, no matter the distance or duration of transit.
Simplify shipping
With its robust design and ready-to-ship format, the Medstow Micro provides safe, efficient, and hassle-free transportation of your samples.
Drive insights
Our user friendly web app provides comprehensive device performance reports and aids in maintaining compliance, making operations easy.

Capabilities that count

From lab to last mile.

56+ hour

Battery life

1-4 vials



Temperature stability



IoT Enablement

Smart integration, seamless control

Unify your logistics with technology that delivers monitoring and control -- maintaining the integrity and traceability of your cargo.

Temperature Management

Configurable settings provide pre-shipment temperature customization.

Vibration Monitoring

Built-in accelerometers provide insights into handling conditions.

Location Tracking

GPS-enabled system offers updates and route histories.

Energy Efficiency

Optimized power usage for sustainability and cost-effectiveness.


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