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Cool Currents Vol. 2

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on a year marked by rigorous product development, expanding our reach, and building a stronger team.
Written by
Max Reintertsen
Published on
July 27, 2023

Hey there 👋

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on a year marked by rigorous product development, expanding our reach, and building a stronger team. From strategic breakthroughs at our company retreat to sharing our journey on the MCJ Collective podcast and showcasing our Medstow Micro's prowess at JIFX, this past quarter has been rich with growth.

With an eye on the new year, we're ready to embrace fresh challenges and continue innovating!  Join us as we step into 2024 with renewed energy to push forward in our mission to redefine temperature-controlled logistics.

Warm regards,

Hannah Sieber, Cofounder and CEO

Behind the Scenes
Lighter, Mightier Medstow Micro

Our Medstow Micro has undergone a transformation! It's now sleeker, tipping the scales at just over 4 pounds - that’s a whopping 50% weight reduction. But don't be fooled by its lighter frame. This compact unit recently demonstrated its capabilities, sustaining a shipment from California to New York for more than 96 hours with ease. It's all about delivering peak performance with reduced shipping costs.

✉️ Curious to learn more? Drop Coby a line at

My Climate Journey Podcast

Our CEO recently joined Cody Simms of the MCJ Collective on the My Climate Journey podcast. In a dynamic discussion, they shed light on the cold chain's significant global emissions impact and explored Artyc’s innovative approach to environmentally-conscious, refrigerant-free thermal packaging. Key points included the importance of efficiency and traceability in the industry, and Artyc's commitment to partnerships and sustainable innovation. We extend our thanks to MCJ Collective for their support and to Cody Simms for a thought-provoking conversation.

🎙️ Tune in here to catch the full insightful dialogue.

Values and Visions @ Artyc's Winter Retreat

Artyc's latest retreat in Carmel Valley wasn't just about team building; it was a deep dive into the heart of our culture and a collective envisioning of our future. Centered around our three core values — Connect Authentically, Continually Evolve, and Realize Change — the team participated in workshops and unscripted moments of camaraderie that reinforced our commitment to a vibrant and balanced workplace culture.

🙋‍♀️ Interested in experiencing the Artyc way of life? Explore career opportunities with us.

Industry Pulse
Field Notes: The Medstow Micro's JIFX Journey

The Medstow Micro recently faced the rigors of the great outdoors at the JIFX program near Camp Roberts. This wasn't just any test – it was a real-life challenge under varying climatic conditions. The result? Our Medstow Micro emerged as a champion of adaptability and resilience, maintaining stable temperatures in fluctuating environments and showcasing its top-notch energy efficiency.

📖 See the full test results in our latest blog: Devices on Duty

Navigating Scope 3: Insights from VERGE

Our CEO led a roundtable focused on the intricate balance between measuring and modeling Scope 3 emissions. Central to the discussion was the quest for enhanced precision and deeper insights in emissions tracking. Representatives from Cisco, Stanley Black & Decker, and IBM contributed their unique experiences and practical solutions to the challenge.

Festive Fowl

This Thanksgiving, Artyc took a moment to appreciate the massive logistics behind our festive feasts. With an astounding 46 million turkeys transported across the country, the demand for 'reefers' – refrigerated trucks essential to the cold chain – soared. Picture this: 29,000 truckloads of turkeys, enough to stretch from Boston to Baltimore! This logistical marvel underscores the critical role of the cold chain in ensuring food safety and quality.

Read the fully story here.

Flu Season Focus

As the flu season looms, Artyc is keenly aware of the vital role of temperature-controlled logistics. With over 90% of vaccines, including the flu shot, requiring strict temperature maintenance between 2°C t 8°C (35°F - 46°F). Any deviation can lead to reduced efficacy or safety concerns. Artyc is at the forefront, developing packaging solutions that ensure consistent and precise temperature control with the aim to create a healthier community and safeguard the world during flu season.

Fresh Finds

🌍 COP28: Our friends at CCVC share the key outcomes of the biggest climate event of the year

🥶 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions could come from air-conditioning in 2050

🚛 How supply chain sustainability may help to fight food inflation

Community Voices
"Thanks for all you're building at Artyc…and thanks for opening my eyes to just how pervasive the cold chain is and for the work you're doing to make it better for all of us. - Cody Simms, Partner at MCJ Collective
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  3. Mark Your Calendars: In February, you can find our own Hannah Sieber, Max Reinertsen, and Coby Little at the SCOPE Summit in Orlando, Florida. If you’re attending, we’d love to chat so be sure to reach out to Coby at let us know!
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